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All products offered are free for non-commercial use by non-profit organizations, academic institutions, and for personal use. Commercial use requires purchase of a license with setup fee and annual payment. A non-profit organization in service to a for-profit organization must purchase a commercial license, even if the latter already possesses a commercial product license.

During checkout, non-commercial users will be given the option to declare that they are not using the products commercially and qualify for a free license.

Genome Browser in a Box (GBiB)

Genome Browser in a Box (GBiB) is a small, virtual machine version of the UCSC Genome Browser that can be run on your own laptop or desktop computer. Annotation data is loaded on demand through the Internet from UCSC or can be downloaded to your machine for faster access. Once GBiB is installed, you use a web browser to access the virtual server running on your own machine and add personal data files from your local hard disk. A more detailed description of this tool and how to use it is available at
Terms and conditions (Genome Browser in a Box Amendment to License Agreement)
Terms and conditions (Browser License Agreement)
One time setup fee: $1000
Cost per year: $1100
Cost for non-commercial use: Free
Size: 6.49 GB
System Requirements:
GBiB will run on most modern PCs and major operating systems that meet these basic requirements:
  • The computer must support virtualization (common for most PCs sold after 2010).
  • A compatible version of the VirtualBox Software must be installed. This software is free to use in many situations. See the VirtualBox wiki for licensing terms and conditions and installation instructions. We have tested and confirmed that GBiB works using version 4.3.6 or above. Note that you must have administrator rights for your computer to install VirtualBox.
  • The computer hard disk must have at least 20 GB of free space (more if you plan to mirror many tracks).
  • Your network firewall must allow connections on the following ports:
    • Port 3306, used by MySQL. Without this, only mirrored tracks are shown.
    • TCP port 873, used by rsync. Without this, you cannot download track data.
  • The GBiB product includes executable versions of LINUX, Apache, and MySQL. Please follow the links to determine if you have the correct license for each of these open source programs
  • The Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM) content in the GBiB is copyrighted and owned by Johns Hopkins University. Use of the copyrighted material solely within GBiB is permitted. Redistribution or repackaging of the copyrighted material requires a license from Johns Hopkins University.
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Genome Browser source code

The Genome Browser source code consists of all of the software files necessary to build and compile a full mirror site of the Genome Browser on your own server. Additionally, it builds more than 200 bioinformatics command-line utilities. You must also obtain and install Apache, MySQL and other software packages (see ‘system requirements’).
Terms and conditions

Commercial licensing of the UCSC Genome Browser Source Code for a small organization (fewer than 500 employees) requires a minimum purchase of 5 seats. Organizations of 500 or more employees must purchase at least 20 seats. To purchase 20 or more seats of the Genome Browser Source Code, or for other needs such as net-30 payment terms, please read and sign this alternate licensing agreement. Email a signed copy of the license agreement to Follow the instructions in the license agreement for submitting the signed original copy and payment. After your license application and payment have been processed, you will receive instructions for downloading the browser software and data.

One time setup fee: $6000
Cost per year per user: $1000 (5 - 19 users)
Cost for non-commercial use: Free
Size: 70.8 MB
System Requirements:
The following software packages are required for a full install of the Genome Browser. Please visit each link to determine if you are required to purchase or sign a license:
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LiftOver program

The LiftOver program can be used to convert coordinate ranges between genome assemblies. This is a command-line tool, and supports forward/reverse conversions, batch conversions, and conversions between species. The LiftOver program requires a UCSC-generated over.chain file as input. Pre-generated files are available for selected assemblies from the downloads page.
Cost per year: $1000
Cost for non-commercial use: Free

LiftOver program (LINUX 64-bit)

Size: 12 MB

LiftOver program (Mac OSX 64-bit)

Size: 5.81 MB
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